Luxe healthy living

Incorporated into personalised training programmes, The gym at the SKC is outfitted with avant-garde Technogym Artis equipment running the gamut from vario, kinesis, rowing and running machines to stationary bikes, free weights and cross-training equipment.


SKC offers all the tools for a healthy and active life. The skylit, state-of-the-art gym occupies the entire top floor. Hardwood floors and leather accents create a homely feel.

Our highly skilled personal trainers are available for one-on-one sessions at the SKC Gym and instruct a variety of specialised studio classes. Details of class times are included in our weekly Fitness Schedule that can be found on our Club noticeboards, at Reception or the button above.

Our fitness team can design a bespoke program that will improve your overall fitness and well-being. Specialities include: body transformation, body sculpting, bio mechanical correction and re-alignment, pre/post-natal, kinesiology, nutrition, holistic therapies and therapeutic service.


Three studios provide an ideal environment for yoga, hot yoga, pilates, barre, hot barre, cardio, boxing and high-energy dance classes, as well as private fitness assessments. The first floor fitness studios also include personal and functional training areas. Leading trainers are on hand to assist members, explain how to use the machines in the safest and most effective way, create fitness initiatives and give personalised one-to-one sessions to those who require it. Using VO2 Max and spirometric testing. Our Programs include: “Marathon Fit”, “Ski Fit”, “Hiking Fit” and more. Osteopaths, acupuncturists and physiotherapists will also be available to support members in reaching optimum results.