An oasis away from the city. 

Our Bathhouse is a stress-relieving cocoon where the raw elements of water, fire, wood and stone combine to relax and invigorate both body and soul. The hammam, most commonly found in Turkey and Morocco, is complimentary for members and can be enjoyed by guests for a nominal fee. This is the way to switch off from everyday stress and re-energise. Adjacent is a therapy room where Hammam scrubs are also available.

Next door is the Russian Banya; inside you will find veniks: large leafy branch-es which are dipped into cold water and firmly stroked over the body, encouraging it to absorb the essential oils of birch, oak or eucalyptus. Adjacent to the communal Banya is a therapy room where a Banschik (a Banya expert) will assist with the venik therapy. Cold water will close the skins pores to cleanse the body and improve circulation. Two private Banyas, named Altai and Baikal, are available for exclusive hire - these rooms offer a private balcony and are accessible from an external entrance for ultimate privacy.



Our exclusive Members Club sets out to provide unparalleled fitness and well-being facilities. It will include Russian Banyas and Turkish Hammams, Watsu Pool (a uniquely therapeutic experience combining warm water and Shiatsu massage), well-being retreats, gym, private training studios (including Yoga and Pilates) and treatment rooms.


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